Support tights and chub rub experiments


Been looking for a solution to the intense rashes I get when I wear my doctor-prescribed “support stockings”.

I have to wear those uncomfortable things because of circulation problems, and cause my new job at Walmart keeps me on my feet 8 hrs at a time (albeit only 3 days a week…).

And I will…


So the results are in, and they are mixed.


- Totally works to prevent chub rub, no pain, no sores, after OVER 8 HOURS on my feet, walking around

- Totally worked under the fracking leg sausage casings. There was some rolling on the edges of the tape and the sticky part was exposed there, but it didnt stick to the tights or come off any more than that.

- Was almost unnoticeable once I got used to it, felt nice and soft and ok to bend, stretch, crouch, and do all of my regular workday movements

- Being able to wear my tights without fire crotch afterwards decreased my end-of-day pain level *significantly*


- Applying tape to the inner thighs is kind of uncomdortable. Even though the one side of the tape is super soft, the other side is *tape*. So it pulls on things, including skin and hairs, in uncomfortable was when trying to apply.

- Removal is similar to above, times 10. It was almost like waxing. I probably could have figured that out if I had thought about it more, but I guess I thought the stuff came off easier and was less… adhesive.

- It takes quite a bit of tape to cover the potentially affected area, so doing this for every workday might get expensive. And owie.

Dunno if I can find a similar product that will both stay on *and* not act as a hair remover and skin-puller.

Like, I dunno about you but my skin there is pretty sensitive and thin… it really felt like I was near to pulling skin off removing the stuff…

Yet it is a testament to the level of pain caused by chub rub that it came very close to being entirely worth it.

But the search continues!!

Support tights and chub rub experiments

Been looking for a solution to the intense rashes I get when I wear my doctor-prescribed “support stockings”.

I have to wear those uncomfortable things because of circulation problems, and cause my new job at Walmart keeps me on my feet 8 hrs at a time (albeit only 3 days a week…).

And I will say that I get the same thing any time I have tried those awful “control top” type pantyhose, so I dont get why ppl recommend those as a solution to chub rub.

Either their stockings or their thighs are different from mine.

Likewise the solutions that involve either wearing shorts or deodorant/lubricants won’t work with the darn leg sausages.

So I was trying to come up with something and I thought of band aids and moleskin, like I would use to prevent blisters on my feet. I looked through the medicine cabinet and I found this thin fabric tape called Hypafix.

Its in a big old roll, like 4 or 5 inches wide, so I should be able to cut some pieces to fit right where I need it.

Gonna let you all know how the Hypafix chub rub experiment works out!

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4chan users think they’re like vikings or whatever when ‘raiding’ websites but it’s more like in that avril lavigne video where she says “do you guys wanna crash the mall” and everyone’s like hell yeah!

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I went in to see how bad it was, and it’s terrifying! So please, don’t go in there. Stay out of them and be safe!


if my understanding is correct, folx from 4chan are spamming these tags with irl gore images and other extremely triggering content, so be aware and avoid them as needed friends.



for people who wanna see, the whole interview is here, elbow thing starts at 6:16. apparently the interviewer didn’t get the point ‘cuz she continued like “really, elbows?” and Chris and Scarlett gave more answers like “knees” “armpits”.

i see our “chris’ deflecting sexist questions about scarlett” plan is going perfectly


str8 ppl are always like “this background gay character is such great representation, they’re such a non-stereotype, their sexuality is almost never mentioned, they’re just like a straight person of the same gender!”

But as a lesbian and a friend 2 lesbians: we are constantly talking about how gay we are. Just non-stop. Over half the posts on my dash are just us being like, “girls are so cute and I want to kiss them and also I am extremely a homogay”


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